Bay Windows

Unlike conventional windows which are one sided, the bay windows are three sided. Basically, there are three windows joined together an either a 30 or 45 degree angle. They will project out of the home, giving the room the feeling of being larger and more illuminated.

Types of Bay Windows

There are two types of bay windows – Head and Seat or Walk Out, both designs are made up typically of end operating windows and a centre fixed window.

Head and Seat Bays has a box (or seat) that thrusts out from the house, and is usually designed to be decorated with ornaments and plants. Usually these styles of Bays are located in a Kitchen or Bedroom.

Walk Out Bays are designed as a part of the floor-to-ceiling construction of the room. On the outside there can be a skirted area made of aluminum or vinyl.  These styles of Bays are located in Dining or Living Rooms. 

The two operating windows in a Bay Window can be Casement or Awning Windows, or can be Single or Double Hung Windows.  Largely the choice is decided by the character of the home they are being installed into.

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