Bow Windows

Bow Windows are similar in design to Bay Windows.  Instead of being made with three windows, Bow Windows can have 4 , 5 or 6 equal sized windows.  Like the Bay Window, the end windows are typically operational and the centre windows are fixed.

Beauty and Ventilation

Bow Windows are very beautiful as they provide a unique bow or curve look to the front of the home and provide a grand view that makes them stand out from Bay Windows.  with the operating windows at each end, their design creates great air ventilation in the room.  Typically Bow Windows are used on the main floor of the home in the Living, Dining or Family Room.

Window Styles

As with the Bay Windows, the end windows can be either Casement or Awning Windows, or Single / Double Hung windows.  Which ever allows the best matching to the character of the home.

Please visit our Gallery for additional pictures of Bow Windows.