Casement windows

Casement windows are among the best types of homes for anyone to think about when it comes to making their windows more attractive and functional. These are windows that will open outward to bring more air into any room. They will also be easier to secure and can pair well with many other choices that can be found in a typical room.

Easy To Maintain

Window cleaning can be a hassle at times but it doesn’t have to be when a casement window is used.  With the window opening outward like any traditional door, it can move all the way out to a 90-degree angle, making them very easy to clean from inside the house.

Pairs Well With Others

Casement windows can also be paired with other window options. For instance, casement windows may be placed in a Bay or Bow Window.

Often in Bedrooms or Dining Rooms, two Casements can be joined together, or another design is a Fixed Window joined with a Casement Window.