Double & Single Sliders

Sliding Windows have two sashes that move sideways.  A screen will also be used to cover the whole glass area so the space will be fully covered.

Tilt or Lift Out?

There are two designs to the Sliding Windows – Tilt  or Lift Out.

The sashes on either the Single or Double Tilt Window, are able to tilt outward to allow easier cleaning of each window sash. And depending on the weather conditions, the window can be opened, like a door, to allow the air flow, versus sliding across.

The sashes on either the Single or Double Lift Out Window, can be lifted up and out, of the window frame for easy cleaning.  When in the frame, these sashes can be slide back and forth to allow air flow into the room.

Slider Windows

Single or Double Design

The biggest difference between Single and Double Slider windows is that in a Single Slider only one sash, or part of the window, will move.  The exterior screen will only cover the operating part of the window.

For the Double Slider Window, both sashes move.   The screen for this design is a full screen to cover the entire opening. An advantage to the Double Slider is that both ends of the window can be opened to allow maximum air circulation in a room.  In the Basement, Double Sliders are the best to use as an escape exit, if there are regular windows present in the home.