Exterior Doors

Have you ever found yourself saying “it is what is on the inside that counts”, but as any opener of presents will let you know, it is how it’s wrapped that also peaks your interest as to what is inside.  The exact same holds true for exterior doors. Not only are they a guest’s first impression of your house, your entrance way helps establish the tone for what lies beyond.

That is why we always say take some time to plan and design how you want to change your front entrance door so that it will match with your interior theme, whether that be brash, subtle, bold or sublime.

Steel Doors aren’t your only choice anymore

For many of us Steel Doors were our only option for our Entrance Doors.  Today, the choices have opened up.  The doors can be made from Fibreglass, solid Wood or a Steel / Wood combination.

Steadfast Steel Doors

There are many new designs to the Steel door.  Traditionally, all that was available was a 6 Panel door, or Flush.  Now the doors have a variety of embossed designs, from 2 Panel Planked, 2 panel square embossed with the option of a 1/2 or 3/4 door lite.  The doors can have 3 – 4 door lites, a full door lite or 2 Vertical embossed panels, to name a few of the available designs. 

Fashionable Fibreglass

The beauty of Fibreglass, is it can be both Smooth skinned or have texture that replicates Oak, Mahogany, Cherry or Fir Wood.  These doors come with a variety of embossed looks. The design can either be a 2 panel Camber look, or have straight lines.  You can add a Dentil Shelf to a Craftsman door, or leave it off to show the design of the two vertical embossed panels.

The Best of both Worlds – Steel and Wood 

Uniquely available to The Door Dudes, this hybrid door can create two different looks for your home.  The door is constructed with a 22 gauge steel foundation, the exterior can have a Wood laminate overlay in a multitude of grains, such as Cherry, Mahogany, Birch or Oak, while the interior remains Steel.  You can even have the door built with Wood on both sides.  These doors can be complimented with beautiful Noblesse Panels.  

Traditional Beauty – Solid Wood 

These doors hold their own unique beauty, they are crafted to meet your design dreams. The character of the wood species will show through along with the creative flair you want for your door.

We encourage you to contact us, or drop by our show room to view the different doors on display.