Fixed Frame Windows

The versatility and affordability of fixed frame windows make this replacement window type an attractive one. Fixed frame windows are inoperable, meaning they don’t open or close. Because they don’t have moving mechanisms or opening and closing hardware, these windows cost much less to maintain than other types of replacement window. Fixed frame windows are a great way to add style to a room without the obstructions that prevent other types of windows from letting in light. They are best for spaces that don’t require ventilation.

Framing Materials

Fixed frames are made from many different materials, including wood, aluminum, vinyl, composite, and fiberglass.


Wood frames are attractive, but difficult to maintain. They need to be varnished or painted annually to prevent warping or rotting of the wood. For this reason, many homeowners are choosing materials other than wood.


Efficient, durable, and available n a variety of colors, aluminum frames provide an attractive and inexpensive alternative to wood. If you live in a cold climate, however, condensation can form on the cold aluminum frames. This can lead to increased moisture in the home during winter.


Vinyl frames come in a variety of colors and insulation ranges. They are also budget-friendly. Look for the seal of the national Green Building Standards for Environmental Residential Construction to ensure maximum energy efficiency with this type of frame.


Made from a blend of materials, composite fixed frames provide varying levels of energy efficiency. As an alternative to composite, you might try fiberglass with wood cladding, recycled plastic with wood-chip blend, or vinyl with wood veneers.


While fiberglass frames are more expensive, they provide great insulation and durability. Fiberglass frames can be ordered in many different colors to match the interior and exterior design of your home.


Fixed frame windows are available with a variety of glazing options. Popular glazing choices include energy-efficient glazing, low E coating, privacy glass, and multi-pane glazing.

Energy-efficient glazing – Reduces heat and cold transfer through the glass, thereby improving the energy efficiency of your home.

Low E coating – An invisible coating of metallic oxide which controls heat transfer from the sun and reduces energy loss by up to 50 percent.

Privacy glass – A patterned, frosted, or clouded glass ideal for spaces where privacy is desired, such as an entrance hallway or a bathroom.

Multi-pane glazing – Additional layers of glass are sealed into the window to improve durability. Depending on the manufacturer, insulating gases such as argon or krypton are injected into the spaces between the glass panes for added energy efficiency.

Fixed Frame Window Styles

Fixed frame windows are available in a wide selection of styles and sizes, allowing you a variety of unique options for customizing the look and feel of your home. The window surface of a fixed window can be as small as one foot squared or as large as 48 square feet. The shape of a replacement window is limited only to your imagination. Select from rectangles, diamonds, squares, circles, octagons, triangles, and more.

Fixed frame windows also work well alongside operable windows. They look great in any room, and enhance the interior and exterior finish of your home. For a low-cost, attractive remodeling choice, consider fixed windows.