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  • Hinged at the top, this window tilts out and is ideal for Bedroom or Bathroom window openings, as well as security sensitive areas. This window brings you the best of both worlds; it offers an unobstructed view of the outside like a ‘fixed’ picture window while providing ventilation.

Casement Window

  • Our casements open out to a full 90° for safe and easy cleaning from the inside. It can be used on its own, next to fixed or in combination with a Bay or Bow window. Casements also come with a multi-point locking system for added security and energy efficiency.

Single Hung Tilt

  • The single hung has a classic and traditional design. The top sash is fixed for an unobstructed view, and the bottom sash slides up for ventilation.
  • The operating sash also tilts in for safe and easy cleaning of the exterior from the inside, which makes it an ideal window for the upper level of the home.

Double Hung Tilt

  • A double slider has both sashes operating so you have the choice of ventilation from the bottom, or the top.  Both sashes also tilt in for easy cleaning of the exterior from inside the home.
  • Both the Single and the Double Hung windows are an ideal replacement to preserve the value and aesthetic appeal of older, heritage style homes.

Double & Single Slider Tilts

  • These windows have sashes that slide horizontally and work on the same principal as the Single and Double Hung windows where you have the choice of either one or both sashes operating. Sliders are ideal for openings that are greater in width than height.
  • The sashes also tilt in for safe and easy cleaning of the exterior from the inside.

Fixed Frame Window

  • Fixed windows are the most energy efficient of all the windows, as it does not open.
  • They are available in a range of sizes and shapes. They can be used by themselves or in combination with sliders, casements or awnings.

Bay Window

  • Bay windows are three windows that generally projects out about 45°. The centre is usually a Fixed window, but an Awning is also possible (depending on the size) the two at either end could be a casement or Single or Double hung windows.

Bow Window

  • A Bow window is made up of four or more equal size window units. They can all be Fixed, but many prefer to have the end units vent with Casement windows. The possibilities are infinite!

Both Bay and Bow windows give your home additional space for you to use as a sitting area, a place for plants. Either way, you will benefit from all the natural light that is brought in.

Exterior Doors

  • Remember that your Front Entry can say everything about you. It should be a Welcome greeting to your friends and family.
  • Give your door some ‘style’ by choosing a glass insert that shows your true personality.
  • There are almost endless choices in glass designs for your door, sidelites and transoms.
  • We offer Single Doors, Doors with one or two Sidelites, Double Doors, Garden Doors and Patio Doors
  • Our Exterior Doors can be Steel, Fibreglass, solid Wood or Wood / Steel

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