Single Hung Tilt Windows

Windows are very important part of a building that influences its aesthetic value, monthly energy bills, as well as the resale value of your home. Thus, it is very important to ensure your maintain them in a good condition. SINGLE HUNG TILT windows have two sashes, one on the bottom that slides vertically and another on the top that is fixed. The bottom sash can also tilt in enabling homeowners to clean them easily.

Single hung tilt windows come in a variety of options. For example, you can should the Simulated single hung design. This design is also known as the casement design that delivers great security and also provides increased energy efficiency. They use the modern innovation design that will significantly increase the aesthetic value of your home.

The difference between Single-hung tilt windows and the double-hung windows

Double-hung windows are the most common design. However, the single-hung design has become very popular due to the several benefits it offers. Single-hung windows are economic and the best alternative to the double-hung windows. The double-hung and single-hung windows have similar features such as the vertically sliding design. In addition, the sash, the frames and mechanics of the single hung windows are similar to those in the double hung design. However, the top half of the single hung windows is fixed. The single sash in the single-hung windows lowers the maintenance cost in case any part breaks. The panes overlap each other and do not tilt. In the nutshell, in single-hung windows, the bottom sash moves, the top sash is stationary and the sash tilts.

The cost of single hung

The cost of single hung windows depends on various factors such as the material used, design and the service provider. Generally, the cost ranges from $115 to $750. This includes the window and installation costs.

Some of the advantages of single hung windows include;

Various design, size and shape

Whether you own a traditionally designed home or a modern designed home looking for perfect windows, single hung windows are the perfect choice for you. These windows come in various designs, shapes and style that will positively change the look of your home.

Cost effective

Single-hung windows are more cost effective when compared to double-hung windows. If you are planning to install windows that are affordable, single-hung windows are the perfect choice for you.

Saves on space

Another benefit of installing single hung windows is that they save on space. Unlike awnings and casements that open outwards, single hung windows open vertically. Because these windows open vertically, they allow for more internal and external space.

Energy Efficient

Another benefit of single sash windows is that they are energy efficient. These windows have special features that prevent cold air from entering and warm air from escaping. This eliminates the need to heat up or cool your house regularly.

Easy to clean and maintain

Another benefit of single hung windows is that they are easy to clean and maintain.

However, to ensure you get the best out of single hung windows, you should ensure the windows are installed, and any replacement is done by an experienced service provider. For example, Door Dudes are professionals who are highly skilled and experienced in installing and replacing single-hung windows. You should only hire such qualified professionals.