Types of Window Replacement

Like every other part of home widows also need a replacement sooner or later. Even if you had take good care of them with the time eventually it will wear out. It may be because of exposure to weather throughout the year or aging appearance and other reasons. There are several types of window replacement to select from. Different types of windows have different type of features and performance accordingly.

Before choosing the apt window style it is very important to have some knowledge about the variety of window replacement.

Varieties of window replacement:

As mentioned before you can experiment with the window style. You do not need to maintain the previous window type. Different type of window has different features adding new look to your home. The modern types of windows not only enhances the get up but also have advantages like better ventilation and extra amount of exposure of light, energy efficient. It improves the ambiance along with being cost efficient. The different window replacement Oakville services can guide you to choose the right option.

Awning windows:

These types of windows are best for small openings maintaining privacy. They tilt out and are hinged at the top. They are resistant to wind and rain even when they are left open. This type of window provides light and air. They can be arranged in columns and even placed on the large doors.

But it has one disadvantage the screen of the awning windows face inward. Therefore it lets in all the dust and dirt in your room.

1. Casement windows:

The casement windows screen opens outward letting in air and light. This type of windows is easy to clean. They have multi point locking mechanism which make s them energy efficient and secured. They are best for the kitchen.

This type of windows is hard to break but rusty hardware can make them vulnerable.

2. Bay windows:

The bay windows are more open and give a peaceful feeling. This type of window lets in the light from different angles. The sides of the windows can be opened for better air flow. They are best foe bedrooms and kitchens. Bay windows can enhance the look of your home to a different level.

3. Bow windows:

Bow windows are four equal sizes of window units. It can be also made up of more than four units. The bow windows are mainly fixed but if you want then you can vent the end units with casement windows.

4. Fixed windows:

This type of windows is typically energy efficient. As the name itself says they are fixed. But can be put to many uses by combining with other type of windows like awning, casement or sliders. Fixed windows are available in various shape and sizes.

5. Single hung tilt:

The all time favorites are the single hung tilt. They are classy and traditional. It has two sashes. The top sash is fixed and the bottom sash slides up. The bottom sash can be tilt in for cleaning.

6. Double and single slider tilt:

The double and single slider tilt windows have sash that works on the same mechanism as the single hung windows. They slide horizontally. The sliders used in this type of window are apt for openings where the height is more than the width. This window type is safe for using and best for cleaning.

If you want to replace windows fore enhancing the look of your home and other reasons then you can contact window replacement Oakville professionals. They offer inexpensive window replacement providing the professional service.

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